I am a versatile and experienced writer, covering a range of topics. My reviews, interviews and opinion pieces have been published by The Guardian, Independent, New Statesman, Forward, Ha’aretz, Jewish, The Conversation, Jewish Quarterly and Jewish Renaissance. I am accepting writing commissions so please do get in touch if you’d like me to write for your publication. Below are recent samples of my writing and a full list can be sent on request.

‘Borat 2’s Hilarious Holocaust Chutzpah’,, October 28, 2020
‘What did I learn in my many years at JFS? Nothing’, The Jewish Chronicle, October 26, 2020
‘A Musical Epic: West Side Story’,, October 22, 2020
‘”Borat da!” Sacha Baron Cohen’s Welsh roots revealed’,, October 22, 2020
‘Agent Sonya: Eshet Chayil’,, October 14, 2020
‘Borat is Back’,, October 6, 2020
‘A book about Jewish footballers would be the shortest book in history’,, October 1, 2020
‘The Jewish Films of Michael Lonsdale’,, September 21, 2020
‘Streaming Rosh Hashanah’,, September 18, 2020
‘How Will This Rosh Hashanah Be Different From Every Other? It Won’t’,, September 17, 2020
La Haine 25 Years Later’,, September 16, 2020
‘Remembering Ronald Harwood, the Jewish Writer with a Strong Jewish Sensibility’,, September 9, 2020
‘Antisemitism and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining‘,, September 9, 2020
‘A Golden Age of Jewish Television?’, September 1, 2020
‘The forgotten Jewish history of I’m a Celebrity’s new Welsh castle home’,, August 28, 2020
‘From Aliyah to I’m A Celebrity: Gwrych Castle’s Secret Jewish History’,, August 27, 2020
‘The Jam, Jews and JFS: “To Be Someone” by Ian Stone’,, August 27, 2020
‘”Chlandidneh’: The Jewish History of the Queen of Welsh Resorts’,, August 21, 2020
‘Jews and Cheese: An Ambivalent Relationship’,, August 19, 2020
‘What Prickled Me about An American Pickle‘,, August 17, 2020
‘What next? Pineapple and Strawberry flavoured Jaffa Cakes!’, August 6, 2020
‘My Hero, Seth Rogen’,, August 5, 2020
‘Alan Parker’s Five Most Jewish Films’,, August 2, 2020
‘Why we need more research on how Anglo-Jewry profited from slavery’, July 31, 2020
‘Marmite? Hummus? Am I hearin’ you right?’, July 28, 2020
‘The Secret Jewish History of Psycho‘,, July 26, 2020
‘Is Clueless Really Jew-less?’,, July 19, 2020
In a Polish Netflix thriller, undercurrents of The Holocaust‘,, July 14, 2020
‘A welcome democratisation of British Jewish culture’,, July 13, 2020
‘Karel (Charles) Lek, MBE, RCA’, The Jewish Chronicle, May 8, 2020


I have delivered talks all over the world for universities, schools, museums, and other adult education venues.

‘Revisiting The Shining @ 40’, Limmud Together UK Summer, August 2, 2020
‘Stanley Kubrick: New York Jewish Intellectual’, July 18, 2020
‘A History of the Aberdeen Jewish Community’, April 28, 2020
‘Stanley Kubrick: New York Jewish Intellectual’, May 24, 2018